A.K.A. The Wall of Awesome


So my dad thinks I’m pretty great, but I guess you’d like to hear from some people who’ve actually worked with me. But first, a huge thank you so the amazing solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who’ve taken the plunge and spent time with me brainstorming and refining their business ideas. I absolutely loved our sessions and I’m grateful for all the hard work and energy that you bring to my gig.

Without further ado, here’s a small handful of the feedback I receive on a regular basis.


“Imagine having an idea. Then imagine not knowing how to make it sound amazing, epic or compelling. Then imagine talking with Allie Smith for an hour! After an hour call with Allie, she took my mundane idea and turned it into a creative masterpiece. She can instantaneously make the boring sounds compelling. The nerdy sound sexy. The common sense sound like rocket science. Allie is truly gifted in helping others with her creative ideas. I simply can’t recommend Allie’s services enough…find a way to work with her today!”

– Darcy Miller, Founder of Pin and Pivot

Allie is truly gifted in helping others with her creative ideas. I simply can’t recommend Allie’s services enough…find a way to work with her today!


“Allie knows what it’s like to talk to creative entrepreneurs. I have my “real life” supporters, but I always had to over-explain things like what email open-rates mean and what a launch sequence even is. But Allie came to our conversation ready to strategize and problem-solve. She immediately recognized my vision and passion for my business, and we talked a mile-a-minute, covering SO MUCH in our 1-1 hour coaching call.

She gave me clarity on the specific struggles I’m dealing with (not some general strategy that could apply to anyone), and I walked away with two pages full of action-packed strategy and ideas of how to move forward successfully in ways that made sense to me. Even after our call, I was still scribbling down notes and inspiring ideas! She wasn’t afraid to be honest about what was working and what wasn’t, and she was 110% focused on what I needed.

My coaching call with Allie was a hyper-laser-focused brainstorming session, clarity call, and just the validity and encouragement I needed to keep moving forward. I’m so grateful to have worked with her!”

 – Rachel Geisel, Founder of Real + Good Writing



“As an left brained entrepreneur it can be a challenge to find someone to brainstorm creatively with you about the 1001 ideas that you have swirling around in your head. That’s where Allie, from Creative Gangsters comes in! She is the Ace that you need on your side to not only help you with your ideas, but to craft your ideas so that it can jive and make sense with the right words to who you are trying to speak to. My session with her was so fruitful as I was able to walk away with new taglines and approaches communicating with my audience. So don’t waste another minute trying to get creative on your own…holla at Allie, you will not regret it!”

– Nechelle Bartley, Founder of Money Basics



“Before talking to Allie, I had an idea for an infoproduct that looked much like what people who need glasses see when they don’t have their glasses on.  As we talked, it was like I suddenly put on the prescription that was right for me. Everything came into focus, and at the end of the call, I knew exactly what my idea was and how to start bringing it to life. Thank you, Allie!”

– Adrienne, Founder of Fruitfully Alive

“A few days before my wedding I spent an hour with Allie Smith discussing my writing project and it was the best decision ever. Her mind is amazing!

Ya’ll, wedding brain is a real thing. Thank goodness that even with all the flower delivery drama and a to do list that grew instead of shrank, I locked myself in my office for an hour long chat with Allie Smith. Before Allie I had about 6 paragraphs of a food memoir I’d written and re-written in my head for the last 2 years. After Allie, I now have a much clearer path to building my brand and platform to share my stories on identity, race, and immigration through the lens of food.

Before Allie, I thought I had maybe 2-3 stories to share with the world. After Allie, I now believe I have enough to publish a book. A book! Allie’s honesty, affirmation, and encouragement gave me the permission to dream BIG.

And as a bonus Allie even had time to give me some pointers and feedback on a separate passion project of mine! So if you can feel me on the being stuck and unsure of what direction to take, get with Allie and she’ll help you sort through all your thoughts in the most encouraging and motivating way ever.”

– Marsha Ungchusri

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