May is for Monotasking

Why Multitasking is Killing Your Productivity


I’ve declared the month of May as my own personal month of monotasking. I’ve always prided myself on my creativity, my quick wit and my multitasking ability.I always believe that my multitasking was a gift and something to be celebrated. As it turns out, my “multitasking” is probably just attention deficit…  And so I multitasked so much, that I never actually accomplished much at all.

Multitasking is the opposite of doing just one thing wholeheartedly and with full attention.Click To Tweet

I’m a working mom, I work from home and it’s up to me to keep this household humming. How can I make this huge mental shift in the way I work? Necessity. Because as a society, if multitasking was so effective, we’d all be much further along in our goals than stressed out, distracted and attempting to text and drive (don’t do this, by the way. You already know that.).


monotasking mono tasking

So for the month of May, I am going to celebrate the art and science of monotasking. I’ll be doing just one thing at a time and hopefully, doing that one thing much better. That even means not scrolling through Instagram while my kids get me to sit down and watch an animated movie with a terrible script. I’ll be present, in the moment and more focused on the task at hand.

Working more deliberately will allow me to be proactive, plan my time blocks according to my energy patterns and implement systems for automation. (Fingers crossed!)

Are you a fan of Ted Talks? Make sure to watch Paolo Cardini’s “Forget Multitasking, Try Monotasking“. Bonus points if you can watch it without looking at your phone.


Do you want to join me on this monthlong experiment? Send me an email or give me a shout in our Facebook group if you’re on board for Monotasking May so that I can hold you accountable. 😉

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