How to get started with video for personal branding

Video is here and you need to be using it (like right now) to establish your brand

how to use video to establish your brand

Please allow me to introduce you to the one and only Tors Grantham. Tors runs done-for-you video services (editing and strategy at Stiwdio +) and Tors Grantham her personal brand, which will educate solopreneurs and small business and how to implement video for personal branding. She has worked with Mariah Coz, Caitlin Bacher, Megan Minns, among many other big names in the online entrepreneurial world. If you’re ready, she’ll rock your world too.

Tors met with me over a video call (see how EVERYTHING is video these days?!) and she unleashed a storm of awesome advice for the beginner to start following.

Are you ready to face the red blinking RECORD light? Tors has some tips for you.

(A note about the video. I have a loud laugh. No apologies.)

Key takeaways:

  • People relate to people. Get in front of your audience and you’ll create a genuine connection that much quicker.
  • The content you create for your business should all feel cohesive. It should all feel like it came from the same person.
  • When it comes to video, everybody changes in front of the camera. The trick is to practice, practice, practice.


You can easily and inadvertently create a disconnect between you and your audience through video by not using similar branding styles throughout all your media. A viewer will subconsciously pick up on the incongruence and disconnect.


She advocates goal oriented video content with a clear end goal for each and every video.


Tors says practice is a basically Exposure Therapy. So keep exposing yourself, so to speak. She would literally sit down on the couch to watch Netflix and set her camera turned toward her (not recording) to learn to be comfortable with a lens pointed at you.

  • Throw away your first video. It will suck. And it will probably be the most important learning exercise in video that you’ll do.
  • Experiment.
  • Practice.
  • Script. Yes, write that sh*t down.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Remember that when you’re talking to a camera, you’re actually talking to a person.” quote=”Remember that when you’re talking to a camera, you’re not talking to an inanimate object, you’re talking to a person.”]

(Stay tuned. Branding checklist at the end of this post.)

Y’all need a checklist for using video when developing your personal brand. And we have one for you.


As a fast and useful quick start for implementing video, start with Instagram Stories! It’s perfect for the beginner in every way. The stories have a time limit and expire after 24 hours. The audience is supportive and it is less pressure since it’s live, off the cuff and filmed on a mobile phone.

  • You can use your stories to learn your own on-camera tics and awkward behaviors and use it to train yourself.
  • The next level up will be uploading recorded videos to stories.
  • Choose low risk experiences with feedback. Positive (and almost instant gratification) feedback will reinforce.


Congruence is key. Match your shoes to your metaphorical purse here.

  • Translate the emotion behind your brand.
  • How do you translate that into video?
  • In particular the music has an emotional bearing on how people perceive your business. Music is the big one.
  • The mistake people make is picking music that you like rather than music that represents your band.
  • What emotion do you want people to feel?
  • What experience do you want them to have with your brand?
  • Does your written content match your video content?


This is what she wants the DIYer to know.

  • Create an end goal for your video path, a funnel of sorts.
  • Use natural light (and consistent light) when possible.
  • Batch your videos if you can and spend an entire day filming (in the same light if possible).
  • Make decisions before you turn the camera on.

[clickToTweet tweet=”When it’s hard, and it takes hours and you’re ugly crying in frustration, don’t give up.” quote=”When it’s hard, and it takes hours and you’re ugly crying in frustration, don’t give up.”]

“I make my clients script everything out but I don’t make them learn it.” This requires them to envision the journey and being intentional about their message. It gives you boundaries without locking you in.

Get Used to Sucking

“In the very beginning, your videos are going to suck.” The content is what’s important. If you haven’t got somebody in the first 10 seconds, you’ve lost them. The content is what keeps them.

[clickToTweet tweet=”In the very beginning, your videos are going to suck. #video #personalbranding” quote=”In the very beginning, your videos are going to suck.”]

The essential 4 things that she wants the DIYer to have:

  1. Confidence on camera
  2. The ability to deliver
  3. Your authentic personality
  4. Content that compels

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. “Ultimately, everybody brings something unique to the table. Your audience resonates with you because it’s you. That’s why they’re YOUR audience. Bring your personality to the fore and you’ll win every time.”

How to use video to establish your persona brand


“But Tors, what about the equipment?” I asked. She was emphatic. “I don’t give a crap about the equipment. You can get it with a mobile phone and a big window.”Do you need to stand in line on Black Friday to get a great deal on new camera equipment? Nope. You can get started with simply your iPhone and a mic.

Here’s your basic equipment list:

  • iPhone (or camera)
  • Tripod
  • Decent mic (note that I am not using a mic in our video above and the sound quality suffers. Adding mic to Amazon shopping list.)
  • Editing Software
    • Browser-basedFilmora by Wondershare – it’s browser based, not free but it is cheap (1 year license available at $45, a lifetime license for $60).
    • YouTube has its own editor. It’s the most basic of the software listed, but it can get the job done.
    • Mac – iMovie a good way of learning the basics. If you want to transition to pro software go to Final Cut Pro but you may never need such robust software for your use.
    • PC – Adobe Premier Pro can put together a beginner’s dashboard although it can be intimidating

Bonus challenge for you. Can you sort through your most popular blog posts (or content) and find a way to add a video?

We’d love to hear back from you and see your videos. Let Tors and I know here in the comments how your DIY video production is going. She created a branding checklist for you. Get it here

Tors has one last piece of advice on implementing video…just start.


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