6 Quick Methods for Dealing with Overwhelm as a Solopreneur

monotasking mono tasking

How to stop being overwhelmed Let’s be honest. On a scale of 1 to “Help I’m in the pantry with a fistful of chocolate chips” – just how overwhelmed are you? Are you lying under your desk on your office floor? Are you binge watching Netflix because you really can’t deal with taking the next steps in…

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The Art of the Professional Coffee Meeting

Why your next business meeting should be over a cup of coffee   There’s a magic that brews in a community shop that spawns great ideas. Revolutions have been planned in pubs and coffee houses for hundreds of years. From inventions to startup business, revolutionary ideas are often sparked over cups of coffee. Do you…

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May is for Monotasking

the art of monotasking

Why Multitasking is Killing Your Productivity   I’ve declared the month of May as my own personal month of monotasking. I’ve always prided myself on my creativity, my quick wit and my multitasking ability.I always believe that my multitasking was a gift and something to be celebrated. As it turns out, my “multitasking” is probably just…

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9 Ten-Minute Tasks for ADD Entrepreneurs

tips for ADD business owners

Got a Business? Got Attention Deficit? Got 10-minutes? As a multi-tasking, hyper-creative solopreneur, sometimes I need to just pick a single 10-minute task and throw myself at it with all the focus and passion of a 4-year old hurling herself on the floor in a tantrum. So even if you’re as scattered as a pile…

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