May is for Monotasking

the art of monotasking

Why Multitasking is Killing Your Productivity   I’ve declared the month of May as my own personal month of monotasking. I’ve always prided myself on my creativity, my quick wit and my multitasking ability.I always believe that my multitasking was a gift and something to be celebrated. As it turns out, my “multitasking” is probably just…

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How to Batch Tasks To Increase Your Productivity

how to batch tasks to increase your productivity

Use Batching to save time (and sanity) and shave hours off your workweek by batching tasks Time is money, right? As a working mom of young children, time is quite literally money since I’m paying for daycare. I need to make the hours that I put in at the computer the most productive they can be. Not…

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9 Ten-Minute Tasks for ADD Entrepreneurs

tips for ADD business owners

Got a Business? Got Attention Deficit? Got 10-minutes? As a multi-tasking, hyper-creative solopreneur, sometimes I need to just pick a single 10-minute task and throw myself at it with all the focus and passion of a 4-year old hurling herself on the floor in a tantrum. So even if you’re as scattered as a pile…

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