The Art of Awkward Marketing for Entrepreneurs

How do you brand yourself as a solopreneur? Rachael of RKA Ink talks us through the art of embracing the awkward and learning to own your awesomeness.

Let’s face it. Promoting yourself can be awkward and downright uncomfortable. But if you’re a solopreneur making a go of it full-time, self-promotion and marketing is essential to your long term business success. Branding specialist Rachael Albers teaches us how to embrace the awkward moments.

There’s a bit of yelling, a little singing and whole lotta love in this interview. And for the record, talking over each other is our love language.

Visibility is the elephant in the room.

Or perhaps more accurately, it’s the terrifying circus clown that everyone is deeply afraid of which is waaaaaaaaay worse than an elephant in the room. But as a solopreneur, marketing yourself is part of the game, or you won’t be in business very long. Rachael teaches service-based solopreneurs how to market themselves by embracing visibility, even those awkward parts that we don’t want to do. And let me tell you, she practices what she preaches. When my internet cut out for a full two-minutes (edited from the interview), she did a full on Sheryl Sandberg and Leaned In to the awkward…Rachael, you’re a great sport.

Here’s what we cover in our fast-paced, high-energy interview:

  • How to sell yourself (your services, your own branded products, etc, those are really an extension of YOU).
  • Learning that ick-free marketing is really about owning your power.
  • Why getting a specialist/strategist/coach in your corner can be your greatest asset. (AKA a superhero identifier!)
  • Why specific feedback is like rocket fuel to growing your business.
  • How and why to build a mastermind or a support network to keep you supported during the whole entrepreneurial process.

And remember, you can’t spell awkward without RKA…

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