9 Ten-Minute Tasks for ADD Entrepreneurs

Got a Business? Got Attention Deficit? Got 10-minutes?

As a multi-tasking, hyper-creative solopreneur, sometimes I need to just pick a single 10-minute task and throw myself at it with all the focus and passion of a 4-year old hurling herself on the floor in a tantrum. So even if you’re as scattered as a pile of index cards in a tornado, you can make progress with your business one 10-minute activity at at time.

Here are 9 ways to channel your hyper-creativity, get organized and get sh*t done.

  1. Meditate
  2. Create a kick-ass email signature with links to your social media profiles
  3. Make a single quote in Canva
  4. Send 1 email that you’ve been dreading
  5. 10 minutes of Sun Salutations
  6. Drop a week’s worth of photos into a Dropbox folder to curate your Instagram feed
  7. Look up 10 quotes/lyrics to include in Instagram captions, Twitter and/or your newsletter
  8. Write one email to a client, a prospective client or a brand collaboration
  9. Brainstorm on blog post titles and write them down

1. Meditate

So at first, my autocorrect changed meditate to medicate, which was hilarious and perhaps an appropriate choice, however this blog post isn’t talking about 10-minute medications for ADD. Instead of stimulating your brain, how about we throw in a massive dose of chill?  Sit in silence for 10 minutes and focus on your breathing. Set a timer (and preferably one that doesn’t sound like an ambulance when it goes off). There are numerous meditation apps available through iTunes or Google Play.

2. Create

Create a kick-ass email signature with links to your social media profiles. Is your email signature already wickedly awesome? Then use this 10-minute stretch to customize a widget on your blog to include a link to a case study that you’ve created, your portfolio or your most popular blog post.

3. Make

Have you used Canva? If not, you’re missing out on an easy to use and free online tool to create social media graphics. It’s easy to use and free. Canva also has an iPhone app. It’s less robust than the online version but you can use it on the go. If you’re a designer or otherwise tech savvy, bust out Photoshop and create a graphic or graphic template to save yourself time in the future.

4. Send

I’d bet $5 that there’s an email that you need to send that you just don’t wanna…It’s time. Now you don’t need to send an atomic bomb of an email along the lines of quitting your day job, just tackle one task/email/message that’s been nagging you in the back of your mind and in the back of your inbox. Our tolerance for avoidance is utterly amazing, but once you get it done, you feel an incredible sense of relief. Just do it.

5. Yoga

No really, I’m serious. Push back from your desk, stand up and reach for the ceiling. If you work from home, bust out your yoga mat. If you’re in an office, go for a brisk walk outside and stretch or step into a supply room and do some modified sun salutations. Your muscles and your mind will thank you.

6. Organize

Stop, Dropbox and Roll with the organization. I use iCloud, Evernote, and Dropbox among my other online tools. Sometimes the files and folders get out of hand…take 10 minutes to organize and fill a folder with content for your upcoming week. Do you use Instagram? Source images or put your newly created Canva graphics in this folder for your weekly content. Or use these 10 minutes to rename images to SEO friendly terms.

7. Sleuth

Okay Sherlock, use 10 minutes to look up 10 quotes and/or lyrics to include in Instagram captions, Twitter and/or your blog posts. Goodreads.com is my favorite resource for literary quotes and I’ve been known to drop a Beastie Boys lyrics or two along with Beyonce.


8. Write

Write one thoughtful, comprehensive email to a prospective client, a current client or to a partner/brand that you’d like to collaborate with. You could go the extra mile and create a template to save time in the future.

9. Think

As a hyper creative, your problem (okay, MY problem) isn’t thinking, it’s overthinking. Pick one topic from your Post-It note of To-Dos and brainstorm blog post titles and content. Write these ideas down as soon as they come to you – more Post-It notes, a composition notebook, Evernote or Notes app. Make sure the title is clear (and filed/tagged appropriately) so you can find it later.
10 minute tasks for ADD business owners

I overthink, therefore I am.

So my dear hyper-creative friends, were you able to make it through the list? 🙂 Have you ever intentionally chunked out your day in 20-60 minute intervals?
 10 minutes tasks for ADD business owners



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