9 Inspiring Quotes That will keep you going as an entrepreneur

Bad days happen. Here are 9 inspiring quotes to help you not throw your laptop into the trash.


Mel Robbins is the champion of the very effective 5 Second Rule. (Grab the book or audiobook here) Besides her epic TedTalk, she gives us permission to change and grow. If you’re the same you making the same decisions as years ago, you haven’t grown, right? New phases of our lives and careers not only allow us, but REQUIRE us to change. Watch the TedTalk that changed her life forever.

Nicole Walters is a dynamite powerhouse of fun and joy who has you repeat out loud, “We don’t do FREE”. She believes that we are worth it and have epic monetary value. If being fearless isn’t an option (and let’s be real, fear is a part of taking big action), then just do it afraid.


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You may or may not be a fan of Marie Forleo and her B-School, but she regularly drops some serious insight. Your subconscious is a powerful little beeyotch…don’t let it run the show unless it’s working for you and not against you.

When you’re laying in bed and tempted to hit the Snooze button, ask yourself this one poignant question…What would Bruce Lee do? You already know the answer. He would leap out of bed, run 9 miles, and then proceed to Kung Fu the crap out of his productivity excuses.


Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay. In fact, that’s probably a good thing. Why? Because it means you stand for something. It means you’re bringing passion to your niche. When you attract one segment, you repel another. Repeat after me, that’s okay.

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I could go around quoting Seth Godin all day long. And some days, I actually do. Marketing genius, public speaker, tribe leader…he has a lot to say. (Grab my favorite Seth Godin book Tribes here) In love, life and business, sometimes you’re not picked. That hurts. How do we overcome it? By picking ourselves, over and over. Always pick yourself.

Did you know that the hit show “Mad Men” was turned down 66 times?

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You’re not too old. You’re still cool. Don’t be afraid to put it out there and just do your thing. Even if you’re wearing Mom Jeans and driving a minivan. You rock like a mofo rockstar, except without being black out drunk, forgetting your lyrics and making poor life decisions.

Maybe your content doesn’t get 14 million hits like a Youtube video of a kitten sneezing in her sleep, you’re still awesome. Keep at it. Notice what works and what doesn’t work. Adjust accordingly while staying aligned with your genius, purpose and power.


Last, but most certainly not least. Find your squad. Develop your tribe. Build your support. Even a solopreneur can’t really do it alone. There’s a reason for all these Facebook groups and Mastermind programs. Help each other and lift each other up to greatness.


You might want to bookmark this page for those bad days, because even YouTube Kittens and Hugh Jackman have them.



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