6 Steps to Increase Instagram Engagement

The 6 Questions to Ask for Each and Every Post to Drive Instagram Engagement

Let’s be honest. The whole Instagram thing can be hard.

How many times have to posted to Instagram and then….crickets.

(awkwardly taps mic. is this thing on?)

Getting your content seen by your prospective clients can be hard, and getting them to interact with your content even harder. In fact, within the last week there have been some hard changes coming down the Instagram and Facebook pipeline. The API has changed, bots are gone and even reputable 3rd party apps may be out of business.

The one thing that’s consistent, social media is more volatile than Bitcoin trading…and we should expect that it continues that way.

The days of what I like to call Stop, Drop and Roll (dropping a post in Instagram and then exiting the app while waiting for the likes to roll in) are over. You have to be present on the app for your audience and drive engagement to your posts and to your opt-in. I’ve developed a content framework that helps me to drive engagement, and it might work for you too.

  1. Does this post have a clear takeaway and/or call to action?

    Does your caption have a clear engagement point, such as a question, call to action or prompt for them to comment or click a link? Is it motivating, inspiring or helpful? I use Instagram to create connection. Think about starting conversations with your ideal customer. Ask yourself, is this conversation worthy?

  2. Is the post visually appealing?

    Is your post visually appealing? Instagram is first and foremost a visual platform. Aesthetics matter. Does the image flow well with the other images in your gallery? If not, could this do better on IG Stories?

  3. Is this post in alignment with your content categories?

    Is this post in alignment with your content pillars? If not, would it fit better in your Instagram Stories?

  4. Are you using hashtags (and the appropriate hashtags)?

    Did you use at least 20 hashtags so that your ideal audience can find you? I use 29-30 on a regular basis including hashtags that my ideal audience uses as well as those hashtags that they use on their own accounts. Think INBOUND and OUTBOUND.

  5. Did you offer value in some form (inspiration, humor/relief, education, information)?

    Did you add value for your audience? Did you make them laugh, inform them of something, teach them, motivate them or inspire them? Every time you post, think VALUE.

  6. Have you reciprocated?

    After you post, will you “hang around” on IG for several minutes and engage with likers and commenters? Engage while your audience is online and interacting with your content to see a boost in your followers and engagement.

Grab my free 6 point checklist here (no email opt-in required and it’s an instant PDF download): Instagram Engagement Checklist



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  1. Toni on April 9, 2018 at 9:37 pm

    Love love these steps. You’re amazing lady.

    • Allie on April 10, 2018 at 11:50 pm

      And that’s how make a gal cry at her laptop… 🙂 You rock, Toni!

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