6 Quick Methods for Dealing with Overwhelm as a Solopreneur

How to stop being overwhelmed

Let’s be honest. On a scale of 1 to “Help I’m in the pantry with a fistful of chocolate chips” – just how overwhelmed are you? Are you lying under your desk on your office floor? Are you binge watching Netflix because you really can’t deal with taking the next steps in your business? We’ve all been there. This is not a character flaw. This is neuroscience.

  • First off, how do you know if you’re overwhelmed?
  • Are you using emotional or mindless eating when you’re not hungry as a procrastination tactic?>
  • Are you in a state of Analysis Paralysis?
  • Are you filling your time with “busy” rather than “productive”?
  • Do you find yourself continually saying “yes” to things you know you don’t have the bandwidth for?
  • Are you avoiding the projects that while they’re difficult, they’ll make you the real money in order to work on the smaller more satisfying task?
  • Have you become an unhappy employee of your own business?


Overwhelm is very real. If you’ve ever seen the show project runway, Michael Kors would say when he was unimpressed… I’m underwhelmed. Well Michael, right now, underwhelmed would be awesome.

how to deal with overwhelm

Got Overwhelm in your business? Let’s Fix it Fast.

Somewhere between underwhelmed and overwhelmed is the sweet spot of actually getting sh*t done, being in the flow and feeling great about your productivity.

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The Amygdala (aka the Lizard Brain or our Primitive Brain) can and will hijack our brains when we panic. The secret of getting out of overwhelm is to not panic.

Keep calm and get underwhelmed…

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and your business, here are 6 tips to get your out of panic mode and back into productivity:

  1. Organization – The List Method (the Post-It Note Method) of Today and Not Today. Make a list or use Post-it notes and stick them all over the wall of every task that’s in your head freaking you out. Get out a second piece of paper and write down the must do today things and then on the second sheet of paper, write down what you must do eventually. Write down up to five things on the urgent list, but no more than that. Put the second sheet in a drawer.
  2. Connection, Accountability and Support (AKA Human Interaction). Jump on the phone with a coach or one of your business BFFs for 30 minutes. This can help refocus you and give you 3 to 5 tasks that you must get done within the day or week.
  3. Delegation. I highly recommend learning how to delegate and hiring yourself the help you both need and deserve. This can be as simple as delegating the chores to the kids, the meals to a delivery service, your inbox to a Virtual Assistant. Write down what you could potentially outsource and what you can definitely outsource.
  4. Meditation. How do you meditate when you just don’t have the time? My answer. You need to meditate, especially if you don’t have time. Even ten minutes will allow your mind to stretch and find some breathing room. Just sit quietly. I just even have to be the real deal meditation sit there and feel how good or feel to have these tasks done. It’ll be so awesome because you will be so awesome.
  5. Focus. Now that you’ve honed your list into the critical. It’s time to work. Get the free app Focus Keeper and put your hair up in a bun and play your playlist. As a side note, my daughter loves the books and Netflix version of “The Series of Unfortunate Events”. When the character Violet gets into her mechanical engineering mode, she ties her hair up with the ribbon; every time you see Violet take out her ribbon, you know she’s about to get ‘er done. What’s your ribbon? Do whatever it takes to put yourself in the working mood. Put on your comfy yoga pants, Put your hair in a ponytail or a bun that means business, put on the deep focus Spotify soundtrack and dive into your productivity.
  6. Celebration. Being a solopreneur ain’t no joke. Celebrate your wins, your breakthroughs and milestones. It’s important to enjoy the process itself.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Find that sweet spot of getting sh*t done, flow and feeling great about your productivity.” quote=”Somewhere between underwhelmed and overwhelmed is the sweet spot of actually getting sh*t done, being in the flow and feeling great about your productivity.”]

P.S. Sometimes I get asked to present in Facebook groups and I love going Live on this topic. So there you have it, 6 fast fixes for getting out of overwhelm.



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