Learn to Rock Your Instagram Gallery

Use the Marketing Superpower of Visuals to Make Your Instagram Account Irresistible

Makeover Your Gram

Why do those other Instagram accounts make it look so easy? They're getting followers, likes and comments while you're struggling to get noticed.

This quick down and dirty guide to using Instagram is the Instagram 101 you've been looking for. It contains all the information in the popular "Fix Ya Gram" free email challenge, plus bonus content and visual examples of accounts slaying their Instagame.

Using the techniques in this e-book will help take you to the next level by creating visual cohesion, authentic expression and engagement and an easy-to-manage workflow so you can see results in not just followers, but in connections and relationships that extend beyond the social media platform.

Ready to take your Instagram account from meh to magical in just a few short days? 



You will learn how to view your feed as a cohesive art gallery that conveys your brand's messaging through visual storytelling.



You will learn to identify what components make for a great caption that gets scrollers to stop scrolling and respond.



You will learn the critical steps after each post to drive engagement and increase followers (and sales!).

Introductory price of only...$8

What readers Are Saying

What do readers think of Makeover Your Gram?

I have to be honest. I used to DREAD Instagram. I posted one picture and that was my feed for 2 years. But this has completely changed my mind!

Now I actually have fun coming up with captions and having conversations with people I follow. Plus, Allie showed me that I didn't have to give up being myself while using it as a tool for my business. #realness #wordup

Tania-Brianne Fox

Founder and Coach, This is Creatorland

This is an absolutely gorgeous and insanely helpful ebook. Love the examples and the checklist at back!  Well done and thank you!

Darcy Miller

Founder, Pin & Pivot

Wh​at You'll Be Learning

Topics include:

  • Setting up the ideal profile
  • Designing your grid
  • Writing engaging captions
  • Engagement, creating conversations
  • Developing visual content
  • Resources
  • Bonus Engagement Checklist
how to use instagram for business

Introductory price of only...$8

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