Instagram for Small Business



True story. In 12 months, I gained over 15,000 REAL, ENGAGED followers in my Coffee and Travel themed account. Without spending a dime on followers, resorting to shady tactics or using bots.


Are you ready for growth? Instagram is a constantly changing playground, but one thing remains the same. If you want to grow your followers, you’ll need to connect with your audience. In order to connect in the most effective way possible, there’s a little art and science behind the scenes. From the type of content you post, to the frequency of your posting, to including a call to action, to how quickly you respond to comments…I mean, you ARE responding to comments, right?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re having trouble engaging your audience with your Instagram captions and you procrastinate this part of your job because it doesn’t flow easily
  • You’re just guessing at what your audience wants to hear from you
  • You’re baffled why some posts have so many more likes and comments than others
  • You just don’t get the whole hashtag thing 




Let's talk about goals.

What's the goal of your Instagram account?

Well obviously you want to make money with your account. That's assumed. Your other goals need to be specific because your goal determines what kind of targeted hashtags you’ll use with each photo that you post.

Besides "get clients and make fat stacks of Benjamins", goals may include:

  • Gain exposure for your creative portfolio and book clients
  • Grow a following and create strategic partnerships with brands
  • Book clients for consulting directly by clicking a link in your bio
  • Get first time clients to walk into your yoga studio, hair salon or personal training gym
  • Get prospective clients to click over to your blog where you offer them digital products such as an e-book or to sign up for your newsletter

Something to consider is whether or not your business is location dependent. If you're running a local business and don't offer online sales, it doesn't do you much good to use hashtags that target a national market. Think local.

If you sell online to anywhere in the world, think global, but targeted to your niche, otherwise your hashtags will just get swallowed in the sea of Instagram hashtags.

Is this a bit overwhelming, confusing or perhaps alarming?

how to use Instagram as a small business

That's totally okay and normal. There's a lot to take into consideration, but just one small change to your Instagram gallery per day can yield massive results and create impact for your business.

I broke it down into simple, bite-sized chunks in a 5-day Email Challenge so you can kickstart your Instagram and get some momentum with both your followers and engagement. Did I mention that it's free?

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