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join the 5-day instagram makeover challenge and start fixing your gallery, today!

What's an email challenge anyway?

I'm glad you asked, my Instagramming friend. It's easy peasy lemon squeezy. If you can operate your smartphone, you can finish this email challenge.

Each day for the next 5 days, I'll send you a task (or two) to tweak your Instagram - from your bio, to your captions to your color scheme (wait, am I saying that you should have some sort of color scheme? Yup. Glad you asked.), you'll learn little tricks and tips to make your Instagram gallery more magnetic to your ideal audience.

Ready to do this thing?

5-Day Fix Ya Gram challenge!

5 days and 5 ways to makeover your instagram, from your bio to your gallery aesthetics

Day 1

Fixing Your Bio

Learn the elements of a boring, tacky or amateur bio and how to write a compelling bio that makes visitors want to FOLLOW.

Day 2

Fixing Your Grid

Learn how to identify the elements of a boring, cluttered and confusing grid and start creating a well branded and attractive gallery that makes visitors say "Wow. Followed".

Day 3

Writing Captions

Learn how to find your style of caption writing and start making them wickedly awesome and engaging!

Day 4

Engaging with Your Audience

Learn how to harness the magical power of engagement to increase real, loyal followers.

Day 5

All Together Now

About me

Yo, I'm Allie! Instagram Strategist + Creative Digital Marketing Coach + Visual Content Creator for badass brands. 

I’m an Instagram growth hacker, small biz builder and part-time ninja. I've taken my B.A. in Literature and Writing and my M.S. in adult online education and leveraged them into real world results on in content marketing online and on Instagram.

I launched a just-for-fun travel and coffee themed account and grew it to over 15,000 real, engaged followers in just 12 months (and still growing daily past its current 16k) - without resorting to spammy bot comments, fake followers or apps that violate Instagram's terms of service.

And you can too!​