Copywriting to Build and Attract Dream Clients

Are you ready to speak to your ideal client in a way that attracts and converts? If so, keep reading...

Yo, my friend. I want to talk to you about your language. Not those 4-letter words you drop when your kids aren't looking, but the language you use to try to woo and convince your ideal client to buy something from you.

Because is your current copywriting doing it for you? Are your ideal clients metaphorically swiping left on your emails?

Maybe we can fix that for you. 

The way you write (and the way you woo) prospective clients should be consistent and should also use a particular brand vocabulary. How about a vocabulary of phrases and words that show them that you get them. Use your words to resonate with your audience to turn them from clickers to customers.

I made you a little somethin' somethin' to do just that. And it's free (my other favorite F-word).

Use copywriting to attract your dream clients through your brand vocabulary + free worksheets!

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Did you know that Abracadabra actually means "speak into existence"? That means your words have the magical power of creation. Creating relationships. Creating brand loyalty. Creating passive income through online sales. But hey, no pressure sitting down at your keyboard though.

Language is powerful. Words can create a connection or an immediate disconnection. Unsubscribe. Delete. Or Buy!

It’s vital to create your copywriting with intention in order to build authentic trust.

If you're a solopreneur, you're creating content online. From social media graphics, to video scripts, to crafting emails for your list, to Instagram captions...there's so much content to produce. And all of this content creation requires writing. A lot of it.

And not just any writing, but good, solid writing that gets your Ideal Client legit excited to read what you've written for them. Because it feels like you've written it exactly for them.

Everything you create should solve problems and create value.

How do you feel right now when faced with all this writing you should be doing? A little stressed or overwhelmed?

It's about to get a lot easier.

This printable workbook helps you delve into the wants and needs of your ideal customer - and then guides you through the process of developing a vocabulary as well as supportive content pieces.

Once you tap into this creative vocabulary, you won't be stumped for words when you sit down at your computer in front of an intimidating blank page.

Your audience wants to hear from you. Make sure you're delivering your best content in the most effective way.

Ready to do this thing? Let's rock the shizzle out of your brand vocabulary. Did I mention this workbook is FREE? 

Everything you create should solve problems and create value.

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