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It’s hard to take action before you’re clear and focused. Right?

Were you thinking, “I wish someone would create a Clarity Workbook that quoted both Star Wars and The Princess Bride so I could *finally* get my online business idea off the ground”?

I thought so. 😉

After conducting dozens and dozens of Clarity Sessions with new (and aspiring) online business owners, I found that solopreneurs have similar struggles and frustrations.

Frustrations that include:

  • What do I focus on next?
  • Where do I go for help?
  • Should I outsource that or figure out how to do it on own?
  • Should I even start this business or launch the other idea I’ve been thinking about?
  • Is this worth it?

Does this sound like you?

If so, I want you to have the Clarity Workbook right now, for FREE. I charge hundreds of dollars for my clarity sessions (and they are most definitely worth it – clarity, laser focus and a customized short term action plan are invaluable) but I want you to have the tools to get started wherever you’re at right now and whatever your budget.  

This is the scrappy DIY version of the Clarity Call.

If you get stuck along the way in the workbook and want to shoot me a question, you can email me or join me in the Creative Gangsters Facebook group. 


The Clarity Call To Go is a 19-page PDF printable so that you can doodle and scribble (tapping into both sides of your brain) while you work through your ideas. I ask you questions (sometimes hard questions) that you’ll answer as best you can.

The feedback so far has been stellar and if you want to let me know how it goes for you, I’m all ears. Ready for some clarity and focus?

Get the Clarity Workbook

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Yo, I'm Allie! Instagram Strategist + Creative Digital Marketing Coach + Visual Content Creator for badass brands. 

I’m an Instagram growth hacker, small biz builder and part-time ninja.

I've taken my B.A. in Literature and Writing and my M.S. in adult online education (not that it matters, but I was awarded Outstanding Graduate in my Master's degree of Instructional and Performance Technology) and leveraged my education and in the trenches experience into real world results in  the online business world. 

(In my Jerry McGuire voice, "Help me, help you.)

Get the Clarity Workbook

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