About Me


Yo, I'm Allie Smith. Copywriting Coach + Digital Tribe Builder + Visual Content Strategist. 

I help new entrepreneurs build their online tribes and platforms, refine their messaging and create + deliver exceptionally epic content to their ideal clients.

How do you find your ideal client and get her to listen to you?

How do you find your ideal client and get her to listen to you?


Someone out there needs what you’re offering and I’m here to help you refine it so that it speaks to your audience in a clear and compelling way.


A Little Bit About Me

I have a Bachelor's degree in Literature and Writing and a Master's degree in Instructional and Performance Technology (the science of adult learning in the workplace). But I took all that book learnin' and then applied it in the trenches of internet marketing.

Voice and Visuals

hi, I'm Allie.

I turned a hobby into a side hustle with a travel blog and travel-themed Instagram account which led to studying photography, working with brands, cultivating an audience and learning the ins and outs of online content marketing. My passion for visual content has led me to creating content for brands and entrepreneurs in countries all over the world.

Every coffee date I've had over the last 5 years has turned into an impromptu Instagram coaching session. I have been coaching Instagram marketing to small business owners running diverse businesses and consulting to fellow digital marketers and 7-figure earning serial entrepreneurs. 

My superpowers include:

  • Strategizing your content and brand voice through your copywriting 
  • Strategizing how to engage and grow your Instagram audience and your online community through targeted messaging and on brand visual content

What would it look like to you if you had a framework of messaging and content categories that you could use to talk directly to your ideal client? How would it be if you could easily establish the Like Know and Trust factor with her?

Copywriting and Visual Content Strategy with Creative Gangsters