Treat Yourself.

Have yourself a holly jolly Christmas of freebie cheer! 
It's infinity times better than a stale fruitcake.

7 days. 7 freebies. 7 holiday love notes.

The holidays are awesome. And hard. With all the hustle and bustle, I even gave up on sending out Christmas cards. But this is my Christmas present to you.

I created 7 days of freebies for you to make you smile. While I can't come over and bake cookies and wrap all those presents for you, I CAN drop off a pile of presents to your email inbox.


Printable Instagram Engagement Cheatsheet

How about a 6-point printable checklist of critical steps you need to take for each and every Instagram post that will massively increase your engagement?


Printable Instagram Content Planner

What if you knew a month in advance exactly what you were going to post each day on Instagram? I made you a little printable calendar to do just that.


Free Stock Images

Hand selected, royalty free, free to do whatever you want with images so that you can create Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and holiday cards for your audience.

And so much more.

I can't tell you everything I'm giving you because that would spoil the surprise!

You're busy. I totally get it.

I'm here to make it a little easier, not add to the overwhelm. Just 7 small presents to make creating social media content a little bit easier. 

  • Curated free beautiful stock imagery
  • Custom photography that I took just for you 
  • Quotes ready to plug into Canva or Photoshop
  • Printable planning sheets
  • Bite-sized workflow tips 
  • Custom hand-drawn holiday illustrations

Basically, #AllTheThings that you probably won't get under the tree are being delivered to an inbox near you.

Just sign up and I'll do the rest.

7 days of Christmas freebies. Waiting for you in your Inbox.

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Merry Christmas, you beautiful human.

The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.

you don't need to wait until christmas.

I may or may not have unwrapped all my presents before Christmas and then rewrapped them all so that my parents wouldn't find out. Patience isn't my strong suit. And it doesn't need to be yours either.

Get your first present in the next few minutes.

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